Riya Delhi Escorts


1 – 2 Hours: Rupees. 15,000/

3– 4 Hours: Rupees. 25,000/

Over Night: Rupees. 40,000/

24 Hours Rupees. 65,000/

Whatever your motive for being in the capital city, why not reserve one of the privileged Delhi escorts? Riya can have one of their dramatic escorts in the city brought to your home or hotel room within 35 minutes. Whichever Privileged Delhi escort you pick to see will attend you out on the town or be just as happy to amuse you in the bedroom. Your Privileged Delhi escorts will seduce you with her polite and witty traits and will do everything she can to suit and please you. There are lots of different escorts to choose from whether you like one. Of course there are Privileged Delhi escorts for every occasion.

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